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The POP in Pop Culture

Our current society is obsessed with the term celebrity. We crave the attention actors and musical artists get with ease. From fast cars, red carpets, and designer everything, you would think, who wouldn’t want to live that lifestyle? It is, after all, a “lifestyle.” This lifestyle is what pop culture is all about. This media binge (hence the name of my blog) is all about the intake of everything from celebrity gossip, top news stories, entertainment, movies, TV, and music. The purpose of this blog is to analyze and comment on current pop culture, whatever that may be. I hope to accomplish a better understanding as to why our society is so infatuated with this culture.

To begin this blog by referencing pop culture itself, The Bling Ring is a movie that was released this summer that really shed light on our culture’s obsession with celebrities and fame. The movie is about a group of kids from Calabasas that stole millions from celebrities because they wanted to be ‘just like them.’  Based on real life events that took place just a few years ago, the film is almost sickening considering the lengths these teens went to achieve this sense of perfection and infamy. It only goes to show how detrimental this constant intake of the media can be.


Post-graduation, I hope to enter the realm of publicity and public relations, an occupation that often times deals directly with the happenings of pop culture. I am currently unclear as to what industry I would like to start in, but the broad realm of entertainment seems to be a definite possibility. I initially chose the layout and theme of my blog to replicate that of my other fashion blog, but felt it was too similar so I went down a different path. I want my blog to have a tabloid sort of feel with it’s layout, widgets, and topics.


The media consumes almost all of my generation, whether that is through social media or entertainment outlets, and I want to figure out why. I want to analyze my own thoughts and figure out why top pop culture stories are simply that, top stories. I hope you’ll join me on my journey to understanding our culture’s unhealthy adaptation to this form of new media.

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