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Olivia Palermo – NYC Socialite

As I mentioned in my previous blog post, I planned to edit the ‘socialite’ article on Wikipedia, and I wanted to let you, my loyal followers, know that I completed this task! You can find the updated article by visiting the actual ‘socialite‘ page. I added what a socialite meant in the 18th and 19th century, and what it means to be a socialite here and now in the 21st century. There is definitely a connection between the different centuries that I found quite interesting through my research.

I found the process of contributing to Wikipedia very fascinating and almost invigorating. I use Wikipedia so frequently and rely on it quite often when I need information, so to see my own writing seen on such a reliable source is actually really cool. Yet, there were a few things I found difficult with the process. Wikipedia being such a “reliable” source (I say that loosely since now that I have edited a page, I don’t think it is as reliable as I used to think), I almost feel a weird sense of pressure to be 100% accurate with what I’m saying. I obviously think what I’m writing is 100% true, but there is also a lack of credibility. I don’t want to let fellow-Wiki users down! It was also hard to be objective regarding the topic of being a socialite. I definitely have my own opinions regarding it, but all of the information needs to be factual, so I relied on other Wikipedia and website sources to help me piece together my thoughts. You will see that when talking about Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton, I referenced their respective Wikipedia articles and used the sources that those pages referenced when talking about specifics.

I learned a lot about the pop culture influence on socialites and how fame isn’t as easy, or cheap. I found a wonderful article from The New York Times titled “The True Cost of Being An NYC Socialite” that gave me insight on how much a year it costs for young and old socialites of New York. Well, there goes my dreams of ever becoming one! These socialites are truly the princes and princesses of America.

In relation to the hypertexts I use for my field, I found it hard to find factual information on pop culture since it is a industry and topic that varies with opinion. There is no scientific evidence or any statistics that can truly reveal how the term ‘socialite’ has changed over time and through the media’s influence. It is more of a known fact and concept that was so easy for me to write about. It is through the interpretation of current socialites and the lives they live that I was able to add to the article. Overall, it was an interesting experience that I am glad I now know how to do. I am also glad I chose the topic of socialites and the concept of fame since it has given me insight on pop culture and its ability to persuade and be all-consuming in our current society (which will help my further discussion on this topic).

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