E! is for …

A is for Ashton, B is for Britney, C is for Cocaine, D is for DUI, and E! is your source for all celebrity reality television and gossip. E! is an American cable channel that features red carpet highlights, reality television (home of Keeping Up with the Kardashians), feature films, and occasional celebrity documentaries. I chose the entire E! channel, with analysis on specific embedded videos, to relate to you, my audience, and to pop culture as a whole. Their YouTube channel can be found here.

E! is quite smart actually. Considering they have an entire cable channel to present their opinions and thoughts on pop culture, they also utilize YouTube to present content to get viewers more hooked on their channel than most probably already are. Although full episodes of their shows are not available (on YouTube at least), they show clips of actual episodes to get viewers interested into their shows, which in turn increases their ratings.

The oral delivery of each video is subjective to the shows and “characters” or personas that these real life people illustrate. For example, in the video embedded above, Kim is worried about appearing on her mom’s new talk show because she is self-conscious about her post-baby body. Her delivery of speech and emotion is much different than, let’s say, Hayden Panettiere’s live red carpet interview.

Panettiere talks about her philanthropic work while Kardashian talks about how a headband makes her look like a pirate. So the oral delivery in terms of tone, inflection, speech, etc., are vastly different, considering the persona that these two people are known for or the person they want to appear as. This in turn goes hand in hand with the body/identity of the videos and the content of them. Each video gives off a different representation of the people on them, which affects the entire online representation of E! as a brand. In the video below, Ryan Seacrest interviews Justin Bieber at the 2010 Grammys. It is interesting that this video is listed as one of the most ‘popular uploads’ of the E! video feed with over 1 million views since it is from 3 years ago.

In terms of identity, the identity that Bieber has in this video is much different than the identity he has now. Covered in tattoos and drug scandals, it’s almost as if fans or E! is keeping this video up to show how Bieber is still this little boy, or to help viewers remember why they fell in love with Bieber in the first place.


Each of the E!’s videos show a celebrity in an “everyday” setting, almost to show viewers that these stars are just like us. They attempt to represent them and their glamorous life, while also staying true to showing them as real people who experience the same situations that we average humans do. I mean, I’m always struggling with whether or not I need to appear on my mom’s talk show or not.

In terms of distribution and circulation, E! is both simple and complex at the same time. Each video starts off with a 15 second advertisement, which I consider much worse than those 5 second ones you can skip. They constantly upload and distribute videos since there have been new video uploads in the mere week that happened between me choosing the channel and actually writing about it. The audience is broad since it is on YouTube, but it is also very targeted and specific since it is mainly for existing E! viewers (on TV) and pop culture addicts. The platform being YouTube makes watching videos easy since most users already know how YouTube works.

Screen Shot 2013-11-03 at 3.39.06 PM

E! is available on your mobile phone, and they even have a page and article here that discusses the ability to stream E! on your phone. Each video also has the option for closed captioning, as well as different levels of quality (including 1080p), making E! quite accessible. There are also lower qualities for people that have trouble loading videos or slower internet speed. E! also has both a Facebook and Twitter account that both feature link-outs to their videos.

Although their videos are not interactive, the content is. On the homepage of their YouTube account, they have a section for recent uploads, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, popular uploads, and other shows. It is a given why recent uploads is the first section, but for the Kardashians, it is because E! realizes that it is one of their most popular shows. They realize that users watch those videos more so than others and therefore they rank them higher on their site. Popular uploads is a important section since that is based simply on the amount of views, which is user-based and generated. It is both usable since viewers have the ability to watch the videos later, favorite, and pause, and it is also has critical engagement since users can comment on videos and have a dialogue with other users. It is not at the point of co-production because users are not able to create or revise content.

The economics of E!’s videos are complicated. The motivation to create videos and content is based on users and their interest in different pop culture topics. So the reason E! exists is because they realize that us viewers want more of the drama and gossip. They are motivated to produce since it means more money for them and more entertainment for you and I. There is motivation to access the content since often times the videos will be ‘Sneak Peeks’ or ‘Behind the Scene’ videos that give more insight into an episode or event that normal cable viewers wouldn’t see. Their videos generally don’t rack up a large amount of views since a lot of the content is the same as what’s seen in an actual episode that most viewers are already watching. Each video has at least 1,000 views, which is decent considering the amount of videos they upload and produce for their YouTube channel.

One form of interaction I found interesting was how it seems like Giuliana Rancic has her own television show simply based on her viewers’ response towards her. I didn’t know that she had her own reality show (Giuliana and Bill) until I saw that there were reality show clips of her.

She is a host of many of E!’s shows and is a television personality/journalist, so for her to have her own show is almost jaw-dropping. It was first about making shows about celebrities and having people comment on them, but now it’s turned into television shows about the people hosting themselves who make the commentary on the celebrities that they are showing and criticizing or praising. Again, this is an example of pop culture’s influence on making someone famous. Yes, Rancic has a talent in journalism and has a strong television presence, but because she received a positive reaction from fans, E! decided to give her her own show. This just goes to show how viral pop culture really is and how easy it is for people to become “famous” for almost no reason. So in terms of the economics of E! in general, they are doing everything right. They are able to keep the attention of their viewers and have them interact and respond to their content. Viewers interact, comment, watch, and this is what drives E! to keep producing videos.

These videos only add more to the discourse of pop culture since they act as something for people to talk about, and as I previously stated, it’s all about who’s talking about you. Fame isn’t about talent, it’s about getting people to be interested in what you have to offer, whether that’s your looks, money, or sheer talent to cause drama. E! provides these celebrities a place to be the person that they want to be and give their audience topics to talk about. With their YouTube channel, the discourse is only heightened and extended due to the accessibility to the content. Without E!, I don’t think there would be much to talk about since it’s almost hard for pop culture to exist without videos where people rate Victoria Beckham’s boobs (yes, that was completely sarcastic).

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