Defining ‘Socialite’


Have you ever wondered why the Kardashians’ are famous? What have they actually brought to this world that is of worth? Many argue that they have contributed nothing and really have no claim to fame, yet when you think about it, it’s all about publicity, and they are damn good at it. They are good at making their name known, both the good, bad, ugly, and dirty. Kim Kardashian is probably the reason the family is so well-known across the globe. She started off as a friend to socialite Paris Hilton, and a sex tape or two later, she’s all over the news. But what is a socialite exactly? Well, that’s where I come in.

As I am getting more into this field, I have been using Wikipedia to gain some brief and summarized information on certain topics. I was asked to look for an article that was incomplete and needed more information. I didn’t really know where to start since it seems that all aspects of pop culture are defined (even ‘selfie’). Yet, I started my search by going to the source, and that was looking up the term ‘pop culture’ on Wikipedia. From there I went to an article on ‘fads,’ which brought me to ’15 minutes of fame’ (another article I thought could be interesting), and that brought me to ‘socialite.’ There is not much information on socialites and what that means and what most people don’t know is that most celebrities started off as socialites. Wikipedia quickly defines a socialite as “…someone who participates in social activities and spends a significant amount of time entertaining and being entertained at fashionable events attended by others of similar standing.”

I thought this would be an interesting article to expand on considering the fact that many people nowadays wish to be famous for almost no reason. They like the idea of it, and socialites usually fall into that category of being famous for really no reason at all. It all comes down to money. I think the article lacks a lot of information that almost seems obvious. There are no lists of current socialites, or examples of some in the past. I am going to add to it through research of different definitions that the media has given. This will be through different television shows and movies, as well as pop culture articles on the subject. These changes are necessary to understand how so many people become famous simply because they can afford to be.


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