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Do rules even exist in pop culture? That is a question I will attempt to answer through this blog post. Techne, the Greek root for “technology,” can also be considered the craftsmanship of writing, laying out a set of rules for this system of creation.  Without rules, our world would be in utter chaos. Yet in terms of pop culture, the boundaries are endless. From topics such as Miley Cyrus twerking to news of Zac Efron’s rehab stint, it seems like pop culture knows no limits. If a celebrity is willing to do it, it shall be done. I think that should be the 11th Commandment or something.


The art in which pop culture is discussed ranges from a wide variety of new media forms. Television and talk shows, tabloids and magazine covers, gossip blogs and Twitter, pop culture is everywhere.  The reason pop culture is found almost anywhere is because everyone has his or her own opinion on who did what or who did whom. Just like everything in our society, subjectivity is ruler of all. We would be lying if we didn’t say we had a favorite celebrity, and that we would defend that person till the day we die. So bias is definitely an option. Furthermore, our entitlement to a freedom of speech allows us to talk freely and openly about these celebrities and take them down or raise them up. The outlet in which we voice these opinions so strongly is completely up to us. The art form of pop culture can simply be the ease of word of mouth.

Popular gossip blogs, like Perez Hilton, reign the world of pop culture due his ability to diss almost anybody. So in all honestly, techne is consistently blurred and breaking these said rules is as easy as 1-2-3. As long as you have a voice and Internet access, becoming a critic isn’t hard whatsoever. On the other hand, I do think that your writing and speaking style along with a unique point of view is important to keep in mind, especially if you wish for your art to develop and grow. Media that is relative to the topic is also very important. Whether it’s a photo, video, .gif, or even a meme, adding some sort of visual aid is crucial when touching on the topic of celebrity culture. The audience of these pop culture outlets is usually interested in colorful language, interesting photos and videos, and also love someone that can speak critically, yet sarcastically (with a good sense of humor) on a topic.

Screen Shot 2013-09-22 at 5.30.01 PM

I’m here, outlining what I believe makes up the rules and boundaries of just how far pop culture can actually go. But does that make me a know-it-all when it comes down to it? Not at all. Techne is created by you and me.  That may not be true for all the rules the world has ever made, but for this topic, I strongly believe that is the case. We create what makes pop culture. We cheer on a celebrity when they basically tell the world to f*ck off, yet criticize them at the same time.

Miley Cyrus is a very hot topic as of late, and to quote her, “You’re always gonna make people talk…You might as well make them talk for like, 2 weeks, rather than 2 seconds.” Being talked about is better than not being talked about at all, right? Well, the techne of pop culture likes to think so.


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